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RX7 Saltwater
RX7 Saltwater

RX7 Saltwater

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RainShadow’s™ RX7™ Salmon/Steelhead Multi-purpose lineup of blanks uses the RX7 Toray™ graphite and compliments it with the durability blend of RX6™. Rest assured with the sensitivity and feel you require, in addition to the confidence, you can push this blank a bit further with the durability of this series. RainShadow™ uses intermediate modulus, high-strain Toray™ fibers, and finishes it off with our exclusive resin and scrim systems. We have four great offerings in this lineup: salmon/steelhead, hotshot, multipurpose saltwater, and surf. If you are in the market for sensitivity blended with unparalleled durability, this series is for you!


Featured Highlights

RX7 & RX6 Graphite Blend

Dynamic Modulus Positioning

Innovative Resin System

Salmon/Steelhead, HotShot, Multipurpose Saltwater and Multipurpose Surf

Technique Specific Designs

Light Weight

Subtle Matte Gray Finish

Limited Lifetime Warranty



Model Color Length PCS. Line Wt. Lure Wt. Butt Dia (inches) Tip Top Size Action Power Blank wt Application
SW967-M Matte Gray 8'0" 1 15-25lb. 3/4-4oz. 0.680 7.5 MF M 5.5oz. all purpose SW / cobia / tarpon / barracuda
SW967F-M Matte Gray 8'0" 2 15-25lb. 3/4-4oz. 0.635 7.0 MF M 4.2oz. all purpose SW 2 pc / cobia / tarpon / barracuda
SW1087-M Matte Gray 8'10" 2 15-25lb. 3/4-4oz. 0.745 7.5 MF M 7.1oz. SW jig / pier
SW1088-M Matte Gray 8'10" 2 20-30lb. 1-4oz. 0.770 7.5 MF MH 8.9oz. SW jig / pier
SW1089-M Matte Gray 8'10" 2 20-40lb. 1-6oz. 0.790 8.5 MF H 10.3oz. SW jig / pier