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RX6 E-Glass Live Bait
RX6 E-Glass Live Bait

RX6 E-Glass Live Bait

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This series is perfect for your needs of downrigger, live bait, knife jig, boat rod blanks, and three piece saltwater blanks. The RX6/E-Glass series is exceptionally versatile, from fishing for kokanee, trolling with live bait, or jigging for both saltwater and freshwater species, the uses are endless!  We have selected the graphite on the lower end of these blanks for sensitivity and to create the perfect action needed. E-Glass is blended into the tips for boosted durability. These are the perfect blend of highly durable blanks with fantastic actions; it is a fisherman’s dream!


Featured Highlights

Modern Blend of RX6 Graphite/E-Glass

E-Glass Pattern with RX6 Graphite Added to the Bottom ½ of the Blank for Lighter Weight, Increased Sensitivity, Slimmer Rear Profile, and Greater Lifting Power

E-Glass Tip for Extra Fast Action and High Strength

Perfect Live Bait and Saltwater Blanks

Stunning Gloss Black Finish

Beautiful Titanium Chrome Finish

Striking Clear Gloss Finish

Subtle Matte Gray Finish

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Model Color Length PCS. Line Wt. Lure Wt.
Butt Dia (inches)
Tip Top Size
Action Power Blank wt Application
RCLB70XL-CG Clear Gloss 7'0" 1 10-25lb. 3/8-1 1/2oz. 0.810 7.0 XF XL 4.7oz. SW Live bait / iron / all purpose /  keeper sturgeon
RCLB70L-CG Clear Gloss 7'0" 1 15-30lb. 3/4-3oz. 0.830 7.0 XF L 5.8oz. SW Live bait / iron / all purpose / Albacore
RCLB70ML-CG Clear Gloss 7'0" 1 20-40lb. 2-6oz. 0.880 7.5 XF ML 8.2oz. Saltwater Livebait Anchovie Inshore
RCLB70M-CG Clear Gloss 7'0" 1 20-50lb. 2-8oz. 0.910 7.5 XF M 10.0oz. Saltwater Livebait Anchovie/Sardine Offshore
RCLB79L-CG Clear Gloss 7'9" 1 15-30lb. 3/4-3oz. 0.615 7.0 XF L 5.3oz. Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Inshore Anchovie
RCLB79ML-CG Clear Gloss 7'9" 1 20-40lb. 2-6oz. 0.630 7.5 XF ML 5.8oz. Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie/Sardine Inshore
RCLB79MH-CG Clear Gloss 7'9" 1 30-80lb. 4-10oz. 0.677 8.5 XF MH 9.10z. Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie/Sardine
RCLB80XL-CG Clear Gloss 8'0" 1 10-25lb. 3/8-1 1/2oz. 0.890 7.5 XF XL 7.0oz. Saltwater Livebait Anchovie Inshore
RCLB80L-CG Clear Gloss 8'0" 1 15-30lb. 3/4-3oz. 0.930 7.5 XF L 8.1oz. Saltwater Livebait Anchovie/Sardine Inshore/Offshore
RCLB80M-CG Clear Gloss 8'0" 1 20-50lb. 2-8oz. 0.950 7.5 XF M 10.5oz. Saltwater Livebait  Sardine/ iron
RCLB810L-CG Clear Gloss 8'10" 1 15-30lb. 3/4-3oz. 0.720 7.0 XF L 6.5oz. Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie
RCLB810ML-CG Clear Gloss 8'10" 1 20-40lb. 2-6oz. 0.745 7.0 XF ML 7.5oz. Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie/Sardine
RCLB810M-CG Clear Gloss 8'10" 1 20-50lb. 2-8oz. 0.785 7.5 XF M 10.5oz. Saltwater Livebait Mackerel/sardine / iron