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Rainshadow Revelation 4pc Switch Rod  Blanks
Rainshadow Revelation 4pc Switch Rod  Blanks

Rainshadow Revelation 4pc Switch Rod Blanks

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In 2013, the Jaguar Design team sent a notice to the fishing industry with the introduction of the Revelation casting and spinning rod blanks. What was that notice? RainShadow has the highest performance rod blank at the most reasonable price that the industry has ever offered. Fast forward to 2014, we took all the ground breaking technologies we created developing the Revelation casting and spinning blanks and applied them to Revelation fly rod blanks. The Revelation fly blanks feature RX7 Toray graphite, HDSC, ORC, and DMP technologies Each model is painstakingly tested with fly line to assure they cast and perform properly. They are truly a Revelation!



Model Color Length PCS. Line Wt. Butt Dia Tip Top Action  Blank wt Application
REVF1085-4SB Satin Black 10’8” 4 5wt  235-285 grn.scandi 285-335grn. skagit 0.417 4.5 MOD-F 2.2oz. Trout streamer Fishing / Think of this as a Trout mini spey rod
REVF1086-4SB Satin Black 10’8” 4 6wt  285-335 grn.scandi 335-385grn. skagit 0.423 4.5 MOD-F 2.3oz. Large Trout on streamers / Summer Run Steelhead
REVF1087-4SB Satin Black 10’8” 4 7wt  325-375 grn.scandi 375-425grn. skagit 0.425 5 MOD-F 2.4oz. Summer Run Steelhead / Steelhead
REVF1088-4SB Satin Black 10’8” 4 8wt  340-390grn.scandi 390-440grn. skagit 0.43 5.5 MOD-F 2.6oz. Winter Steelhead / Steelhead / Smaller Salmon