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RainShadow RCJB - Saltwater Jig/Boat Rod Blanks

RainShadow RCJB - Saltwater Jig/Boat Rod Blanks

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Due to popular demand, RainShadow releases 5 new rod blank models in the ever popular RCJB series, specifically for Tuna applications. These blanks are longer versions of our ever popular 84H and 84XH models. Featuring durable, yet sensitive RX6 Graphite in the butt with E-Glass blended into the tip giving Extra Fast action and incredible strength. This combined with our previous offerings, will give you everything that you need in your Tuna arsenal!


Model Color Length PCS. Line Wt. Lure Wt. Butt Dia Tip Top Action  Power Blank wt Application
RCJB84XXH-CG Clear Gloss 7'0" 1 50-100lb. 6-12oz. 0.925 10.5 XF XXH 12.3oz. Large Tuna
RCJB96H-CG Clear Gloss 8'0" 1 30-60lb. 3-8oz. 0.932 8.5 XF H 13.3oz. Yellowtail / Medium Tuna
RCJB96XH-CG Clear Gloss 8'0" 1 40-80lb. 4-10oz. 0.972 8.5 XF XH 15.8oz. Magnum Yellowtail / Large Tuna
RCJB106H-CG Clear Gloss 8'10" 1 30-60lb. 3-8oz. 0.971 8.5 XF H 16.1oz. Yellowtail / Medium Tuna
RCJB106XH-CG Clear Gloss 8'10" 1 40-80lb. 4-10oz. 1 9 XF XH 19.0oz. Magnum Yellowtail / Large Tuna