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Immortal RX8 Centerpin

Immortal RX8 Centerpin

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Immortal Centerpin

Centerpin fishing has grown in popularity over the last few years so the Jaguar team added a new model, to our existing line, designed for use out of a typical drift boat. The new model is a bit shorter in length with a special taper design developed just for this particular fishing application.

The new blank is light in your hand yet powerful enough to handle big winter Steelhead with ease. These blanks were tested by some of the finest guides and anglers in the Pacific Northwest, so the actions are dialed in perfectly. If you have not tried centerpin fishing you are missing out!

The Immortal Centerpin is replacing the following RX8 models:



IMMCP130M-4TC = XST1563-4TC

Featured Highlights

• RX8 Graphite Blend

• Two and Four Piece Designs

• Dynamic Modulus Positioning

• Innovative Resin System

• Light, Strong and Sensitive

• Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power

• Pinnacle Balance of Ultra-High Modulus

• Moderate Fast Actions

• Stunning Titanium Chrome Finish

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Model Color Length Pcs Line Wt Lure Wt Butt Dia Tip Top Action Power
Blank Wt.
IMMCP110M-4TC Titainium Chrome 11 4 6-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.455 5 Mod Fast med 3.26oz. Centerpin From Drift Boats
IMMCP116M-2TC Titainium Chrome 11'6" 2 8-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.424 5.5 Mod Fast med 3.62oz. Centerpin Float Rod
IMMCP130ML-2TC Titainium Chrome 13".0" 2 6-10lb. 1/4-1/2oz. 0.475 5.5 Mod Fast Med light 3.35oz. Centerpin Float Rod
IMMCP130M-4TC Titainium Chrome 13".0" 4 8-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.532 5 Mod Fast med 3.57oz. Centerpin Float Rod