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ForeCast Textured Pipe Spinning Graphite Reel Seat

ForeCast Textured Pipe Spinning Graphite Reel Seat

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ForeCast Textured Pipe spinning reel seats are a great option for light to medium heavy spinning rods. These workhorse reel seats are extremely durable featuring graphite filled nylon construction and a proprietary soft textured finish for higher comfort and better grip. Along with the outside textured surface, this spinning seat features internal ribbing for better cohesion bonding. Along with this model comes four different combinations of optional hoods to lock the reel firmly to the reel seat. These are one of the best Textured Pipe Spinning real seats from ForeCast that will put the finishing touches on that trustworthy rod.


Part Number Material Hood colors Available Length (mm) Length (in) ID  (mm) ID (in)
BPSTGV216 Graphite Filled Nylon Please refer to pg 114 for hood options 132.5 5.21 15 0.59
BPSTGV217 Graphite Filled Nylon B, S 65.456 2.58 16.76 0.66