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ForeCast Shims – Urethane Foam

ForeCast Shims – Urethane Foam

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The ForeCast urethane foam shims are a perfect fit when building your rod and fitting the reel seat to come in full contact with your blank. Designed for precise fit, the fully reamable ForeCast shim provides a flawless marriage between rod blank and reel seat. The transfer of sensitivity is also increased due to the natural junction of the ForeCast shim. Better than taping, the shim is 100% impervious to moisture, and the ease of use makes this the go to shim when building your rod. In turn it will give you peace of mind in the most critical stage of rod building.


Part Number length (mm)  length (in) od (mm) od (in) suggested reel seat
SHIM/16/SPIN 93.98 3.7 14.986 0.59 RA8L2,A16-B,GS16C,GT16C,GS17C-WG
SHIM/16/WG 76.2 3 13.081 0.515 RA8L2,GS16C-WG
SHIM/17/SPIN 93.98 3.7 16.764 0.66 GS17C,GT17C
SHIM/17/WI 86.36 3.4 12.7762 0.53 A7,RA701,RA701L2
SHIM/18/CAST 101.6 4 18.034 0.71 GT18C
SHIM/18/SPIN 114.3 4.5 17.272 0.68 RA8.5L2,GS18C
SHIM/20/SPIN 120.65 4.75 19.431 0.765 GS20C
SHIM/22/SPIN 123.19 4.85 21.209 0.835 GS22C
SHIM/A7/FLY-WG 114.3 4.5 11.43 0.45 A7-WG,RA7-WG