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Eternity 2
Eternity 2

Eternity 2

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Impeccable, Extraordinary, Unsurpassed, Revolutionary. The ETERNITY² fly rod blank series is all of these and MORE! This flagship series of fly blanks represents the finest combination of technology and performance that the Jaguar Design design team has ever created. 36 months in the design and testing phase has paid off. Ultra-high modulus rating (UHMR) RX9 graphite, combined with our exclusive nano compound Technology (NCT) resin system and proprietary manufacturing and processing, has made this our finest fly rod blank to date. They cast with surgical accuracy and have the ability to punch long casts, as well as landing a dry fly with a precision that has to be experienced to be believed.



Model Color Length PCS. Line Wt. Butt Dia Tip Top Action  Blank wt Application
ETEF905-4CB Cobalt Blue 9’0” 4 5wt 0.381 4 XF 1.5oz. Very fast action / Distance rod for all trout presentations when cutting the wind and ability to cast far is needed
ETEF906-4CB Cobalt Blue 9’0” 4 6wt 0.406 4 XF 1.7oz. Light SW Bonefish / Larger trout presentations when cutting the wind and ability to cast far is needed
ETEF907-4CB Cobalt Blue 9’0” 4 7wt 0.435 4 XF 1.9oz. Bonefish / Trout with larger streamers / Smallmouth Bass with weighted flies etc
ETEF908-4CB Cobalt Blue 9’0” 4 8wt 0.452 4.5 XF 2.1oz. Bonefish / FW Bass / Superb distance casting rod
ETEF909-4CB Cobalt Blue 9’0” 4 9wt 0.44 4 XF 2.2oz. Salmon / Steelhead / Redfish / Medium SW Rod/ Long casts
ETEF9010-4CB Cobalt Blue 9’0” 4 10wt 0.465 4.5 XF 2.2oz. Permit / Big Redfish / Large salmon / Pike-Muskie / Long casts