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Immortal Bass - Spinning
Immortal Bass - Spinning

Immortal Bass - Spinning

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Jaguar Design recharged the entire line from the current offering of RX8 blanks in 2014 for the new Immortal line of rod blanks. Inspired by the new HDSC designs, these blanks have been strategically calculated to impress. New designs and refreshed RX8 material have been meticulously engineered to astound. In this new lineup, there are all forms of bass casting, bass spinning, popping, and walleye. These blanks are sure to outperform in every category. The new IMMORTAL series touts revolutionary processing and progressive methodology to deliver hyper-performance blanks that come just below the flagship offering. Boasting many technologies, you can count on these to deliver exhilarating levels all around.

Featured Highlights

RX8 Graphite Blend

Dynamic Modulus Positioning

Innovative Resin System

Light, Strong, and Sensitive

Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power

Pinnacle Balance of Ultra-High Modulus

Extra Fast and Fast Actions

Stunning Titanium Chrome Finish

Limited Lifetime Warranty



Model Color Length PCS. Line Wt. Lure Wt. Butt Dia (inches) Tip Top Size Action Power Blank wt Application
IMMS68ML-TC Titanium Chrome 6'8" 1 6-12lb. 1/8-3/8oz. 0.437 4.0 F ML 1.6oz. Finesse / Tubes / Small Crankbait & stick baits & spy baits
IMMS68M-TC Titanium Chrome 6'8" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.457 4.5 F M 1.5oz. All purpose bass
IMMS68MXF-TC Titanium Chrome 6'8" 1 6-14lb. 3/16-1/2oz. 0.465 4.0 XF M 1.5oz. All purpose bass
IMMS610MXF-TC Titanium Chrome 6'10" 1 6-14lb. 3/16-1/2oz. 0.374 4.0 XF M 1.7oz. Drop shot / Shakey head / finesse
IMMS610M-TC Titanium Chrome 6'10" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.468 4.5 F M 1.7oz. All purpose bass
IMMS72ML-TC Titanium Chrome 7'2" 1 6-12lb. 1/8-3/8oz. 0.433 4.5 F ML 1.7oz. Drop shot / Shakey head / finesse
IMMS72M-TC Titanium Chrome 7'2" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.465 4.5 F M 1.6oz. All purpose bass