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ForeCast Rubber Gimbal

ForeCast Rubber Gimbal

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The ForeCast™ rubber gimbal is made out of a UV resistant rubber, and will outlast any rod build in the elements. Great on either saltwater or inshore rods, this rubber gimbal is perfect in any environment. The bottom is grooved to fit fighting belt pins and won’t dig into your hip if that’s your style. The inside is ribbed for better glue bonding to the blank during the building process.


Part Number MATERIAL LENGTH (MM) Length (IN) OD (MM) OD (IN)  ID (MM) ID (IN)
RG1-16.0 UV Resistant Rubber 46.0 1.81 27.11 1.060 16 0.630
RG1-23.0 UV Resistant Rubber 46.0 1.81 27.11 1.060 23 0.905
RG2-27.0 UV Resistant Rubber 43.6 1.72 31.37 1.235 27 1.060